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One of the keys to Cibus success is the continuous search for improvement, which involves each element of the staff, on all fronts

Among the alleys of the historic centre, in an ancient 15th century convent, is the Cibus restaurant. The stone rooms, with lime-painted arches, host the reign of Lillino Silibello, a sincere and kind person, with a deep culture of food and the food and wine traditions of his land.

The chef always has a careful and critical eye on the most interesting news from the panorama of Italian and international gastronomy; likewise, to always guarantee the highest quality ingredients.

More than a restaurant, Cibus is a place of knowledge. Lillino has always interpreted his work from this point of view, considering food not only as an element of pleasure but also as a key to penetrate the culture and history of places.
The few are enough for him, whispered words that accompany each dish, to communicate to its guests all the way that that dish, those ingredients have made to get there, in that season. Every single recipe is the result of continuous research into the possibilities of pairing among the countless, exceptional products that the area offers.